Dymethabol Prohormone + PCT

Please note the price also includes a bottle of Post cycle therapy (PCT)

High Quality Grade: Dymethabol

Effective Dosage: 1 cap/day; 30 caps/Bottle

Each capsule contains 20mg active ingredient

Dymethabol is a potent Pro-Hormone/Designer Steroid which is currently legal in South Africa. This product is known for the insane Muscle and Strength gains it gives.

The active ingredient is 17beta-hydroxy 2alpha,17-beta-dimethyl 5alpha,-androstan 3-on azine.

Read real user reviews by clicking these links below. (the product in this review contains the exact same ingredient as Dymethabol)



Dymethabol Highlights
  • Gain up to 10kgs in 4 weeks
  • Zero water retention
  • Huge pumps in the gym
  • Serious Strength Gains
We are so confident in this new product we are offering a 100% money back Guarantee, if after 2 weeks of use you aren't happy with the results then simply send the bottle back at least half fill and we will refund you. You have nothing to lose by giving this product a try

We will courier this product and the pct overnight to you

Dymethabol Prohormone + PCT
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Did an 8 week cycle of dbolx. Got great strength and muscle gains. Will be buying again soon!!
-M Frasier, DBN
Just purchased a bottle of Win-V and Clen-Bol. Cant wait to get lean and ripped.
-J Tereblanche, Nelspruit
Thanks for the awesome and speedy service, ordered yesterday and recieved my product today.
-P Lombard, Cpt