High Quality Grade: CLEN-BOL

Effective Dosage: 2 caps/day; 60 caps/Bottle

If you looking to burn fat as fast as possible then CLEN-BOL is the product for you. Now you can shed those extra kilos and look the way you have always wanted to with the help of CLEN-BOL.
  • Speeds up metablosim
  • Literally melt the fat away
  • Burn fat in those stubborn places
  • Insane energy increases
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Although Clenbuterol is a medicine designed for people suffering with asthma it has become extremely popular in the bodybuilding and fitness scene for its ability to speed up the metabolism and burn fat at an extremely fast rate. Many people have seen extremely good fat loss results from Clenbuterol. It also has anti catabolic properties which means it helps reduce muscle breakdown, this is very helpful when on a low calorie diet as the body tends to go into a catabolic state when on a diet and thus clenbuterol helps the user maintain their muscle mass while burning fat at the same time. When using clenbuterol is it usually advised that the user starts at a low dose and gradually increases the dosages every few days, this kind of regime has been said to help reduce the side effects greatly while still delivery impressive results. Just like other drugs that are used for weight gaining or weight loss programs, Clenbuterol also has different side effects that must be kept in mind. Cardiac problems are very common due to excessive use of this drug. Just like many other fat burning drugs, Clenbuterol also has side effects that need to be noted. Common side effects are shaking, heart palpitations, excessive sweating. CLEN-BOL is an alternative to clenbuterol and is often used with other cutting agents such as Win-V and HGH for a more pronounced effect. When these 3 products are cycled together the user can see great results in fat loss as well as lean muscle and strength gains. When these 3 are used together its often referred to as a "cutting cycle" Clenbuterol is available in many different forms such as capsules, tablets, granuals, gel, oral liquid and injections. However it is advised to always stay away from the injection form of Clenbuterol. The usual dosage associated with Clenbuterol is between 40 and 100mcg daily, if side effects occur then lowering the dose for a few days usually fixes this problem. Clen-bol is a safer alternative to clenbuterol. The ingredients of Clen-bol include Proprietary blend of green tea extract, caffeine, coleus forskoli
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Did an 8 week cycle of dbolx. Got great strength and muscle gains. Will be buying again soon!!
-M Frasier, DBN
Just purchased a bottle of Win-V and Clen-Bol. Cant wait to get lean and ripped.
-J Tereblanche, Nelspruit
Thanks for the awesome and speedy service, ordered yesterday and recieved my product today.
-P Lombard, Cpt